Nord Pool Spot will, as informed in Exchange Information 34/2010, make several changes to the technical infrastructure during the weekend 12th - 13th of June 2010.

Nord Pool Spot has informed that the Urgent Market Message application will not be available from 02:00 pm to approximately 07:00 pm. Nord Pool Spot has worked hard to make the down time as short as possible. This effort has given the following schedule:

  • The Urgent Market Message application will become available for Nord Pool Spot participants after 1 hour. From this point on UMMs will be published at the Nord Pool Spot web page, on the Nord Pool Spot UMM portal and distributed as e-mail according to normal routines.
  • Urgent Market Messages will not become available before 2-3 hours later on the Nord Pool Spot FTP server and on the Nord Pool Spot feed.

Nord Pool Spot will shortly before the Urgent Market Message application goes down publish a Urgent Market Message and an operational message to notify the market of the close down and then send a follow-up to that message once the application is back in normal service.

It is important that Urgent Market Messages are published according to the Nord Pool Spot Rulebook during the down time to avoid any adverse effects on the Elbas market. If the down time exceeds 1 hour then it will be required for participants to send Urgent Market Messages by e-mail to  When sending the message via e-mail it is recommended to call the Nord Pool Spot trading desk at +47 67 10 91 10 to ensure that Nord Pool Spot has received the Urgent Market Message.  Nord Pool Spot will publish Urgent Market Messages received by e-mail during the down time as operational messages on the Nord Pool Spot web page.

UMM e-mails must include the following:

Participants Transmission System Operators
New UMM or a follow-up New UMM or a follow-up
Failure or plan Failure or plan
Message Time (date and time) Message Time (date and time)
Decision Time (date and time) Decision Time (date and time)
Company name Company name
Affected area Affected area(s)
Station Line
Production/consumption Installed outgoing capacity (MW)
Affected unit Outgoing capacity during event (MW)
Type of fuel Event start
Installed effect MW Event stop
Available production during the event (MW) Remarks/additional information
Event start  
Event stop  
Remarks/additional information  


Lysaker, 9 June 2010 15:15 CET

For further information, please contact Nord Pool Spot AS:

Kenneth Andreassen, manager IT operations, phone: 67 10 91 40
Åsmund Drivenes, manager trading operation, Phone: 67 10 91 71
Nord Pool Spot trading desk, phone: +47 67 10 91 10, e-mail: