- Nord Pool Spot is the most transparent energy exchange in the world, offering extensive information to the market as a basis for all trades by the participants, says Mikael Lundin, CEO of Nord Pool Spot.

Information concerning transmission capacity, urgent market messages, prices, volumes, production and consumption, levels in reservoirs and other information that affects the supply and demand in the market is published on Nord Pool Spot’s website with high frequency.

A project for a new web site has been launched and will offer a more user friendly presentation of data and information.

- The corporate website is our main information channel to all participants in the market. We will relaunch a new and improved website that is intended to contribute to greater transparency and easy access to data, Lundin informs.

In June the company will publish more detailed data related to the price curves. Today the system price curves are published after two days, from 28 June these curves will be published on the same day as the auction takes place.

As an additional improvement, all price steps, from minimum to maximum price, will be published in excel, redering the complete curves. These curves will also be graphically represented, whereas today the graphs only show a close up of the intersection point.

- We are going through every possible means of increasing the market transparency, this is one step on the way, says Mikael Lundin, CEO of Nord Pool Spot.

The date for launch of the new website will be communicated after the summer.


About Nord Pool Spot
Nord Pool Spot runs the largest market for electrical energy in the world, offering both day-ahead and intraday markets to its participants. 330 companies from 20 countries trade on the exchange. The Nord Pool Spot group has offices in Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm, Fredericia (Denmark), Tallinn and London. Nord Pool Spot is owned by the Nordic transmission system operators. In 2009 the group had a turnover of 288 TWh representing a value of EUR 10.8 billion.

Lysaker, 21 June 2010 11:40 CET

For further information, please contact Nord Pool Spot:
Siw Hauge, director communications, phone + 47 90 61 59 92